OSSI implementation as Perl module

An accidental but fantastic find: Benjamin Roy posted an article describing ready Perl module he wrote for managing his Avaya PBXes. Well, actually the module is the back end and he’s talking about Web service utilizing that back end to provide application interface. Code looks a bit incomplete but that’s definitely a start, I think […]

Mastering Device, Media and Call Control

As follow-up to a recent post regarding DMCC developer’s guide, I have found another very interesting and useful document on the same topic. It is a DevConnect publication called “Mastering Device, Media and Call Control Using Avaya DMCC Dashboard”. It’s not only a guide, it’s a whole tutorial that I think is a must have […]

Configuring LLDP on Cisco Catalyst switches for using with Avaya 46XX IP Phones

Another white paper I found in my archive. I don’t know why all these useful documents are disappearing from Avaya website but somehow they do. This one I had saved in my email folder as file rather than link so here it is. Cisco LLDP with 46XX IP Phones