AES Trace (renew)

Did you remember my old post about tracing on AES side. It was little bit difficult. You need to change file and bla-bla-bla. Now we have more easier way, just type trcedt servicename set [on|off|bits] bit[1-8]. ie. for trace TSAPI “trcedt TSAPI set on 1”

How to list CMS users

Following a discussion on Avaya Users forum, here’s how to use standard Informix utility dbaccess to query CMS database and get the list of users defined in CMS, with their logins, names and locations: . /opt/informix/bin/setenv dbaccess cms@cms_ol – <<! select l_name, f_name, room, telephone from users ! You need to run this as root […]

CMS licensing

Did you know that CMS Supervisor licenses are used exactly as their name suggests, only for CMS Supervisor application instances? Yes, they are–and it means that terminal access is not limited. Teach your supervisors or managers to use that “scary text interface” and you can save your company a chunk of $$ on supervisor licenses. […]

Proactive contact: What is hit rate

Hit Rate is the ratio or percentage of call connects (what set to be passed to an agent based on the phone strategy) to call attempts. The Hit Rate is not controllable by the PDS/PC system as this depends on the results of the calls made (Avaya cannot control who is at home to answer […]

ASD 10.0.1 trouble

In case anybody else’s struggling with ASD that stopped working after last update, here’s that missing DesignNotesExport.dll. Just unzip it and drop into C:\ges\bin or any other PATH directory.

SSH access to IPSI

Useful tip to access IPSI via SSH from CM Linux shell: 1) disable any session to IPSI: ipsisession -d -c 01A (01A – replace with your IPSI) 2) enable session to IPSI: ipsisession -c 01A (01A – replace with your IPSI) 3) copy password that was created 4) access to your IPSI: ssh init@ipsi-a01a. respone […]

AE services logging

Very often you need to trace communication beetwen AES<->CM and AES<->application. I find an interesting solution for that (including decode of Avaya PVD) To enable and access the AES logging of TSAPI events: Login to the linux interface of the AES andnvaigate to /opt/mvap/conf Execute vi tracemask Edit tracemask file. just add one line TSAPI= […]

AUX in non-ACD hunt groups

Did you know that you can assign aux-work button to any extension that is a member of non-ACD hunt group? You can, and while that button is depressed, the extension won’t get any calls from that hunt group–until the button is pressed again. Mighty useful feature in my opinion, but should be used with care. […]