Mastering Device, Media and Call Control

As follow-up to a recent post regarding DMCC developer’s guide, I have found another very interesting and useful document on the same topic. It is a DevConnect publication called “Mastering Device, Media and Call Control Using Avaya DMCC Dashboard”. It’s not only a guide, it’s a whole tutorial that I think is a must have for any DMCC developer.

Mastering DMCC

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  • Sonny Sy says:

    Major Alarm
    Job thread stalled. /dev/cdrom: Cannot write tar file to archive

    Avaya Contact Store Witness Version 10.1 or cscm-10.1-2patch101040?.
    Question?. Not able to write cdrom event to eject cdrom drive on Avaya Witness Application.

    Sonny Sy

    • dwalin says:


      I’m not able to help you on this one, I’m not an expert in Witness Contact Store. The fact that it uses DMCC doesn’t make it automatically easy and simple. You should talk to Avaya technical support.


  • Sonny Sy says:

    thank you,

    others avaya eng. we can help ?.

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