How to list CMS users

Following a discussion on Avaya Users forum, here’s how to use standard Informix utility dbaccess to query CMS database and get the list of users defined in CMS, with their logins, names and locations:

. /opt/informix/bin/setenv
dbaccess cms@cms_ol - <<!
select l_name, f_name, room, telephone from users

You need to run this as root since only root account has read permissions on users table by default. Also note that there is no typo in the first line, there should be a space between dot and path name.


  • Miszko says:


    Have some stuff (bulk cms dictionary import) that might interest you.


    • dwalin says:

      Hi Michal,

      Sounds good. Could you drop me a line at dwalin [at] dwalin [dot] ru? Thanks in advance!


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