Performing Basic Telephony Operations using Avaya JTAPI SDK

Another DevConnect guide I found in mail archive. Although it describes how to use JTAPI, it also can be used for TSAPI development since JTAPI, essentially, is only a TSAPI implementation in Java. Therefore the document may be helpful for TSAPI developers as well, providing basic knowledge and call control workflow. The document: Performing Basic […]

Voice Portal Application Server Database Connectivity

We once had a Voice Portal application that utilized database socket and this socket was disconnected on timeout when no calls were made to VP, i.e. on weekends. DB server thought VP’s Application Server went dead and dropped the socket. Next time when a call came, VP tried to send data query in the socket, […]

Developer’s Guide to DMCC Recording

This time I found a document that may be of interest to software developers, particularly anyone who would want to develop their own applications utilizing Avaya DMCC (formerly CMAPI) protocol. It is a very detailed white paper describing not only methods but also architectural, structural and functional aspects of DMCC call recording. Considering that this […]

Avaya Communication Manager green features description

Every Avaya PBX has Special Applications–so-called “Green Features”–built in switch software but not active by default. They are listed using “display system-parameters special-applications” command and as I said, by default only one or two of them are turned on, depending on switch software. Most of these features used to be paid options but starting with CM 5.2.1 almost […]

Proactive Contact: How to change Digital Switch Trace Location to HP CPU

Problem: When making a trace on the Digital Switch, large amounts of data collect quickly and may fill up the switch hard drive. Also, the switch does not have any “vi” capability for searching the trace output. Therefore, it may be advantageous to put the trace output directly on the HP cpu. This allows the […]

Voice Portal feature by protocol compatibility chart

Feature H.323 H.323 with SA8874 SIP Outbound calling using the Application Interface web service Partially supported No call progress information is available, so an application may start before a call is answered Supported Supported Blind transfer Supported Supported Supported Supervised transfer (also called consultative transfer) Operates like a blind transfer Note: The only supported VoiceXML […]

IP Endpoint Time To Service White Paper

Another useful document describes Time To Service feature implemented in CM 4.0+. With recent Avaya website overhaul it became practically impossible to find anything there, unless you’re a Certified Google Search Guru which I’m not. So better I’ll have it here where SEO works for me not against. Time To Service White Paper

Smasher ASD

Found another curious tool in my archive. I’m not using it but that’s just because I’m not working with ASD price lists directly. Otherwise it might be very useful for anybody who’s using raw ASD reports in their work. Smasher_ASD

Avaya IP Phones PoE data

Avaya Phone Power Class Max Allocated (Watts) 4601 2 7.0 4602+ 2 7.0 4610SW 2 7.0 4621SW 2 7.0 4622SW 2 7.0 4625SW 3 15.4 9610 2 7.0 9620 2 7.0 9630 2 7.0 9630G 2 7.0 9640 with SBM24 2 7.0 9650 2 7.0 1603 with PoE Adapter 2 7.0 1608 2 7.0 1616 […]

ASD 10.0.1 trouble

In case anybody else’s struggling with ASD that stopped working after last update, here’s that missing DesignNotesExport.dll. Just unzip it and drop into C:\ges\bin or any other PATH directory.