Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Alexander Tokarev; I am a hardware and software engineer specializing in Avaya Call Centers. Time was, I was working for some of the best Avaya Business Partners in Russia; now I’m working solo helping my customers make the most of their Avaya equipment. I provide solution consulting, custom software development as well as technical support on per-hour basis. My policy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed; if the problem wasn’t solved I won’t charge you.┬áMy fee is modest, I work quickly and efficiently so contracting me won’t break your bank. Drop me a line at dwalin [at] dwalin [dot] ru and I will contact you at the earliest possibility, or just call me: +7 926 825 8118.

In this blog I plan to post some tips and tricks related to Avaya products, mostly gathered from my previous experience in building Avaya Call Centers. I don’t think it will be often enough to justify a separate blog for this purpose but I need some place where to post all this so let it be here. At least, I know I can refer here myself if I forget something. :)

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