Tutorial: Copying files to and from CMS with PSCP

When I was working for Avaya business partner building call centers, one of the most frequent questions of my customers was: how do you copy files to and from CMS? Every time I had to go to explanations and wished I just had a tutorial I could point people to. Now, here it is.

Tutorial: Using Informix tools to access CMS historical database

Following my previous article, I decided to expand on this topic; I feel it may prove useful for people who don’t want to (or can’t) mess with ODBC in CMS to still have access to historical and administrative data. Here’s how to do it.

How to list CMS users

Following a discussion on Avaya Users forum, here’s how to use standard Informix utility dbaccess to query CMS database and get the list of users defined in CMS, with their logins, names and locations: . /opt/informix/bin/setenv dbaccess cms@cms_ol – <<! select l_name, f_name, room, telephone from users ! You need to run this as root […]

Using CMS External Call History Interface, part 1: Data Extraction

Avaya Call Management System is very good as a standalone reporting solution, but it has its drawbacks, too. Besides having very outdated architecture and performance limitations, its lack of openness for external applications was always one of the major concerns for anybody who wanted to make the most of their call center. For example, people […]

Connecting to CMS terminal with TuTTY

Using CMS terminal UI is easy; in some aspects it is even easier than CMS Supervisor application. There are lots of different terminal emulators out there, simple and complex, free and paid. Some require extensive learning, some do not. I will show how to use TuTTY, a freeware SSH and Telnet client software, with CMS […]

CMS licensing

Did you know that CMS Supervisor licenses are used exactly as their name suggests, only for CMS Supervisor application instances? Yes, they are–and it means that terminal access is not limited. Teach your supervisors or managers to use that “scary text interface” and you can save your company a chunk of $$ on supervisor licenses. […]

Historical CMS reports delivered by e-mail

Following this discussion (link), here’s the cheap’n’simple way to do that–explained in detail.