OSSI implementation as Perl module

An accidental but fantastic find: Benjamin Roy posted an article describing ready Perl module he wrote for managing his Avaya PBXes. Well, actually the module is the back end and he’s talking about Web service utilizing that back end to provide application interface. Code looks a bit incomplete but that’s definitely a start, I think I could improve on that if need be. I don’t grok the need for reinventing the wheel–I mean, if someone needs a Web service for managing their CMs, why don’t they just use AES with SMS?–but there were times when I felt I could do something pretty and useful with OSSI terminal if only I had it documented somewhere. Well, I wish I had it like five years ago but what the heck, it still can be useful at times. And as a ready Perl module! Just like Christmas present, it really feels like that. :)

Anyway, I couldn’t pass by and not post a link: http://tools.cac.washington.edu/2010/04/avaya-pbx-admin-web-service.html. I hope Ben will submit this module to CPAN and there it’ll live forever. Amen.

P.S. Updated the link. Thanks, Ben!


  • Ben says:

    Thanks for the nice comments. I would like to clean up the code and package it for CPAN but it’s just been too low of a priority so far. That code is really for all those times when SMS doesn’t have what you want. Then you can either choose to hack on SMS or have your own code like this. It’s worked really well for me and we don’t use SMS anymore because of it.

    • dwalin says:


      I didn’t intend to criticize you, it was more like wondering as to your reasons for not using readily available solution. Did you encounter any problems with it? And yes, I concur that there can be situations when SMS is not available or isn’t convenient; in fact I just came upon idea of a useful tool that I will try to implement in the nearest future, and indeed your module is perfectly suited for that task, simple and elegant.


  • forq says:

    It appears that the link is broken now that WU moved to Google. Here’s an updated link: http://tools.cac.washington.edu/2010/04/avaya-pbx-admin-web-service.html.

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