Avaya Availability Analysis

Found an interesting document in my archive:

Avaya Platform Elements


Mean Time To Failure

Media Processor Board ** 35 years
Protocol Preprocessor Board (C-LAN) ** 50 years
Digital Line and Trunk Boards ** 72-77 years
Avaya Media Server Complexes 10-90+ years
Avaya Gateway Power Supplies ** 25-60 years

** Based on numerous internal Avaya studies assessing the results of millions of user-hours.

Nice, isn’t it? It must be especially heartening to know this when you’re out there in the field, replacing another faulty TN464.

Here’s the next part:

Avaya Availability Analysis S87xx
(Avaya Communication Manager Software 3.x)
(based on data as of March. 30, 2006)

Standard (or Duplex) Reliability Higher Reliability
Sub-System Failure/ year MTBO (Years) Availability Failure/ year MTBO (Years) Availability
S87xx Server Complex 0.1095 9.1 0.99995 <0.01095 >91.3 >0.999995
G650 Media Gateway – IP Connect – Simplex 0.131 9.0 0.99994
G650 Media Gateway with duplicated IPSIs 0.018615 53 0.999992
G650 Media Gateway with duplicated IPSIs and Media Processors <0.01095 >91.3 >0.999995

May be useful for preparing RFPs or alike documents.

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