Proactive contact: What is hit rate

Hit Rate is the ratio or percentage of call connects (what set to be passed to an agent based on the phone strategy) to call attempts. The Hit Rate is not controllable by the PDS/PC system as this depends on the results of the calls made (Avaya cannot control who is at home to answer the calls).

For example : A 25% hit rate means that out of 100 attempts, 25 connects were made.

This ratio and the Expert Calling Ratio or Cruise Control (APC 3.0 only) settings are used when placing outbound calls for agents. See manuals and Knowledge base articles for information about Expert Calling Ratio and Cruise Control settings. If the hit rate is 10, this means that the prediction is that of the next 100 calls, 10 will be connects (or of the next 10 calls, 1 will be a connect). So the PDS/PC will place 10 calls per agent that it needs to line up a connect for.

There are two hit rates that are viewable during the run of an active job, the Current and the Running Hit Rates.
The “Current Hit Rate” is hit rate for the job over the last 15 minutes. This is the value that is used when predicting how many calls to place per agent.
The “Running Hit Rate” is calculated based on the connects versus attempts for the entire time the job has been running.

Again, these two settings are not controllable by the PDS or the PDS Supervisor.

What the PDS Supervisor has control of is the Initial and Minimum Hit Rate.
The Initial Hit Rate is the Hit Rate setting that is used for the first 5 minutes of the job. So, another example, if this is set to 60, the PDS will use the method of 60% of calls will be connects, so if there are 6 agents who join the job all at once, it will place 10 calls, expecting 6 to be connects. This number should be set by the PDS Supervisor based on their experience running the same sort of job, and should not be set to low (if they set it to 10, for those 6 agents, it will place 60 calls), otherwise it is likely they will put a number of called parties in queue.

The “Minimum Hit Rate” setting creates a limit of how many lines per agent will be dialed. This keeps a job with a low hit rate from placing a large number of calls at once (which helps when sharing a line pool with other jobs). If a job is running with a 5% hit rate, it would place 20 calls per agent, but setting a minimum hit rate above 5 will allow the PDS Supervisor to limit the number of calls to a lower amount if needed.

The Minimum Hit Rate can be modified on an active job from Campaign Monitor or Campaign Control – jobmon. Changing this setting in Campaign Editor or the job run verification screen while the job is running does not have any effect on that instance of the active job.

The running hit rate and current hit rate should not fall below the “Minimum Hit Rate” setting, but could if the PDS Supervisor is changing the setting while the job is running.

In a Managed job, the ” Minimum hit rate ” should be set to 100. Since the agents are previewing one record at a time , the hit rate must be set to 100. This forces the system to dial only one number per agent.

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