Voice Portal feature by protocol compatibility chart

Feature H.323 H.323 with SA8874 SIP
Outbound calling using the Application Interface web service Partially supported

No call progress information is available, so an application may start before a call is answered

Supported Supported
Blind transfer Supported Supported Supported
Supervised transfer (also called consultative transfer) Operates like a blind transfer

Note: The only supported VoiceXML event for this transfer is error.connection.noroute.

Supported Supported
Bridge transfer (see also Bridge transfers in a mixed SIP/H.323 environment) Partially supported

No call status information, such as “line is busy”, is available

Supported Supported except for the VoiceXML <transfer> tag’s connecttimeout parameter, which is not supported
DTMF detection Supported Supported Supported
Playing prompt files Supported Supported Supported
Recording Supported Supported Supported
Converse-on vectoring Supported Supported Not supported
Encryption options
  • Disabled
  • AES
  • AEA
  • Disabled
  • AES
  • AEA
  • Disabled
  • TLS
  • SRTP
Quality of Service Supported Supported Supported
User to User Information (UUI) Not supported Not supported For an incoming call, UUI values are populated in the VoiceXML session variables for both UUI & Application to Application Information (AAI).

For outbound calls, define the property aai or aaiexpr in the VoiceXML <transfer> tag.

Switch failover An alternate gatekeeper address can be specified in the VPMS An alternate gatekeeper address can be specified in the VPMS No additional support is supplied by Voice Portal, but SES hardware has failover support and MPPs can be configured as members of an adjunct in the SES
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