AE services logging

Very often you need to trace communication beetwen AES<->CM and AES<->application. I find an interesting solution for that (including decode of Avaya PVD)

To enable and access the AES logging of TSAPI events:

  1. Login to the linux interface of the AES andnvaigate to /opt/mvap/conf
  2. Execute vi tracemask
  3. Edit tracemask file. just add one line
  • TSAPI= 0xffffffff Everything on
  • TSAPI=0x00000c3e Everything on except mutex tracing and message tracing
  • TSAPI=0x00000c3f To see the messages to/from CM for TSAPI use

Save and close file tracemask. Navigate to the ‘/opt/mvap/logs’ directory. When a TSAPI message is received, a new directory named ‘TSAPI’ will be created in it. The ‘TSAPI’ directory contains the log files related to the events occurring in different portions of the system that handle TSAPI messages. (g3trace* – CM<->AES, CSTA* – AES<->Application)

Remember to disable tracing when you are through since it does have a performance impact on the AE Server.


  • john knoester says:

    Hello Dwalin,

    We have a very big voicelogging problem.
    The 3e party voicelogger company say that their voicelogger is ok and that we have to look in CM/AES.(5.2.1 latest patch/4.x latest patch)
    There are 20 api-a licenses and it happens that in CM randomly the CTI stations are being disconnected.

    Can we find out by using your recommendation commands were the problem comes from.

    Maybe you can give us some tips about this issue.

    Thanks in advance

    • dwalin says:


      I take it that the voice logger is using DMCC total recording via Service Observing, right? Could you check recorder logs to see if there are any DMCC errors? You can also check AES logs for the same signs of trouble on DMCC side. It wouldn’t hurt to check network conditions either, I’ve seen a lot of examples when packet loss was the reason for DMCC to disconnect and drop station monitoring. Try running Wireshark and capture data stream between AES and voice recorder, to see when that socket gets disconnected. Try running “list trace station” on one of the offending extensions, chances are you will catch the moment and see what happens.
      Otherwise it’s hard to diagnose a problem without seeing actual data and not even knowing what kind of recorder is that. :)


  • john knoester says:

    Ok thanks Alex we will try to investigate the network of the customer and see if we can see error with wireshark.

  • William Matthews says:

    We are having a very big problem with Voice Logger now Onvisource. DISCONNECTING RECORDING ON THE STATION. Station now registering. Missing recording. How is your system now? Voice Logger is saying everything is ok on there side the same thing. We are setup with some station on DMCC to our AES.

    • dwalin says:


      Not sure I can help you with this issue. I know DMCC workings pretty well but I have never heard of Onvisource call recorder until now. I’m afraid I can’t tell you any more than I told John in previous comments. I think Onvisource technical support people ought to know their product and should be able to troubleshoot this problem for you.


  • bestann says:

    What is the difference between TSAPI=0×00000c3f , TSAPI=0×00000d3f and TSAPI=0×1?

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