SSH access to IPSI

Useful tip to access IPSI via SSH from CM Linux shell: 1) disable any session to IPSI: ipsisession -d -c 01A (01A – replace with your IPSI) 2) enable session to IPSI: ipsisession -c 01A (01A – replace with your IPSI) 3) copy password that was created 4) access to your IPSI: ssh init@ipsi-a01a. respone […]

Avaya Availability Analysis

Found an interesting document in my archive: Avaya Platform Elements Component Mean Time To Failure Media Processor Board ** 35 years Protocol Preprocessor Board (C-LAN) ** 50 years Digital Line and Trunk Boards ** 72-77 years Avaya Media Server Complexes 10-90+ years Avaya Gateway Power Supplies ** 25-60 years ** Based on numerous internal Avaya […]

NTP time sync with Windows 2003

It is well known problem that Communication Manager cannot synchronize time with Windows 2003 Server machines over NTP. Here’s the workaround recommended by Avaya Tier 3 support engineers: The NTP client on the S8X00 server is rejecting the NTP server because it considers it as a not reliable source clock. The NTP server reports the […]

AE services logging

Very often you need to trace communication beetwen AES<->CM and AES<->application. I find an interesting solution for that (including decode of Avaya PVD) To enable and access the AES logging of TSAPI events: Login to the linux interface of the AES andnvaigate to /opt/mvap/conf Execute vi tracemask Edit tracemask file. just add one line TSAPI= […]

AUX in non-ACD hunt groups

Did you know that you can assign aux-work button to any extension that is a member of non-ACD hunt group? You can, and while that button is depressed, the extension won’t get any calls from that hunt group–until the button is pressed again. Mighty useful feature in my opinion, but should be used with care. […]